Why circumstances are not as important as state of mind?

What is reason for distortions generated due to concerns? Lack of perspective, attitude towards life if you adopt an intuitive attitude towards life, adaptations and adversities will be considered as normal as day and night, then there is no reason that progress path will be blocked. Approach desires - Aspirations related to a thinker's statement is as you are, your world is same. Everything in creation is the shadow of your inner voice. Whatever is outside is secondary because it is reflection of your state of mind. What is important is that from within?

According to whatever you are from within, your world will pass away. Whatever you know, is received by experience and whatever you will be able to know in future, your experiences will also be gained and will be an integral part of your personality. 'There is no doubt that life and man's vision of world creates his own world. That is why circumstances are not as important as state of mind. That is why experience of beauty, joy and joy or sadness and sadness and anguish experiences man with external reasons. If the problem is resolved with stable mind to solve the adversity, then it is appropriate, but worrying about it does not matter if there is a discouragement. Worry and despair create disruption in the path of solution. Seeing adversity and being worried about them is not only harmful but also harmful.

'Man is your creator of destiny' If this principle is to be made the original mantra of life, then doubtless Successful success of success can be achieved through the success of itself. It is said that the fate of man is written on the lines of his hands and head. The logical wisdom acknowledges this, but in a little depth, and analyzing the above statement seriously, the fact is that the human beings are the symbol of the hands in the husband and the brain, ie the intellectual property of which one wishes to do good by doing good. Success in the direction can be achieved.

Different types of conformance from birth, the falls are. Most have to face adversity and have to compose their own path. Even in difficult situations, if a person keeps his self-confidence courage and sense, then there is no reason why he cannot win over them. Disappointment is the main cause of life's failures, and like a rock, it remains obstructed in the path of progress. Those wishing to progress, firstly have to remove this barrier. Thousands of millions not many millions of people day and night burning in the fire of anxiety and despair Use to do it. But those who took shelter of hope helm in the terrible moments of despair, not only did they defeat the conditions, but also proved that nothing is impossible for humans on attempts. Finding such exemplary examples will find

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