Part-2 Aspire your best for success


The story of the progress of Lipton tea maker in the home of the world home is like this in the same words: 'I started my life as a servant working in a stationery shop. At that time I would get five shillings per day. The expenses of the family would have been difficult, but I had decided to save as little would definitely save. My goal was to do an independent business. The tea business I started with the minimum amount of savings I have never left the dignity of honesty and labor. I was a bit disgusted with a wasteful thing. The work that could have been in two dollars. Never spent two dollars on him. This is the story of my success.

There is no shortage of people in the world who are rich in poor and poor in their early days but have become prosperous on the strength of diligence, youth, and passion. These are notable in the name of Shapoor Ji Baroacha.

When Baroque was six, his father died. Only four days after the death of the father, the elder brother died too, the mother raised her children in some way by selling her first, husband, etc. Shapoorji used to try to reduce the economic pressure on the mother after working hard while working hard in the free time. Passing the matriculation he got a job in the railway, later got a job in the bank. After some time, he left the job and got into the field of independent business. Because of their sense of well-being and diligence, they continued to progress. The property was collected but spent in unprotected work without any name or success. One of his friends and famous freedom fighter Pt. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi wrote in one of his memoirs that Barota was not only a successful businessman but also a generous person. He spent about six lakh rupees in public works.

Jamshedji Tata, the creator of smallest and smallest commodities from the giant railway engine to the small needle, spent his childhood in dire straits. They were born in Navsari. Father was a priest. Jamshed had to resort to a relation to get the initial education. In the student's age, he lived in a room whose roof was always dripping in the rain. There was not much money to rent a room for more money. After attaining education, he started the factory of a cloth factory and his hard work continued to grow continuously due to behavioral skills.

Not only in the field of talent but also in the field of talent, That they never gave the conditions much importance. Always rely on its internal capabilities. They went ahead and planned well. Rich journalist, politician, scientist, philosopher and social worker of the versatile talent Benjamin Franklin continued to work in type washing, cleaning machines, sweeping etc. in the press, but he never even considered that work as small and introduced the whole manuscript to the press. Keep working also There was a large family of fifteen persons. From the age of ten, he had to come forward to put his hand in the economy of the house. He acquired proficiency in the work of the press but due to his interest in science, he continued studying related books in the free time.

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