Part-1 Aspire your best for success


Most people will be familiar with the multi-famous Nobel Prize. Its promoters were Alfred Novel only a few people will be aware of this fact that Nobel spent his early life in dire circumstances. His father used to work as a cabin boy in a ship later, his interest was in the invention of explosive substances. In this work, he had to lose his life. Alfred Novell and his widowed mother did not even have a cloak in the name of the ancestral property for livelihood. Novell's hard work began to work for subsistence. Like ordinary people, Alfred wanted to earn prosperity, but the goal behind it was great, he considered it a crime to live a luxurious lifestyle full of fun.

By being systematical, they took up the property but never misused it in wastage of money, always have adopted the principle of higher thought. Prosperity is not made for personal consumption on their cherry made, for folk Mars. When he died, he left more than two million pounds. Like ordinary people, they did not leave their property to make fun of blowing up the next generation. They made a will, which made them immortal. The award that is distributed to five persons from different fields engaged in the special service of human beings is the result of Alfred Nobel's generosity.

America's famous billionaire Rockefeller is computed in the world's richest people. But fewer people know that they spent their early life in terrible misery. To feed themselves and their mother, they work on a neighbor's chicken for a sum of money. This work was also available only a few days a week. So there was another way to find hard work. The quality of saving was in him since childhood. After saving a little amount, he started the independent business, reaching the age of fifty years, he reached the category of wealthy prosperity with the help of his prolific and self-confidence.

The rich and well-known person whose cars are used in the use and who are considered to be the symbol of prosperity-prestige belongs to the Ford Company. Henry Ford is its executor and operator. Every year Ford Motor Company's vehicles are sold in millions of dollars. Henry's father was an ordinary farmer. The only means of livelihood was agriculture. Henry's system of higher education could not be arranged due to meaning. As well as reading for the family, Henry himself had to make an effort. At the end of a firm, he left his job and had to work, saving a little while from the job, he collected so much money that the foundations of Ford Motor Company could be found. Within the seventy years, the company started selling and selling one million cars per year. Trains became popular every day due to their efficiency and durability.

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