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Expressing gratitude towards experiences of life after leaving this darkness of adversity, a poet has written - 'Thank you, you thank the world with every aspect.' There is no way in life, for many experiences to be gained, circumstances need to be changed. If there is always the favorable compatibility, then those who live the life of trend will be left behind in terms of qualities and they will not experience the necessity of development, diligence. Keeping in mind the countless facts of this nature, Creator has created compatibility and adversity in this world. By taking advantage of the favorable situation, we increase our facilities and weigh our talents by placing them in adversity of adverse that is justified and appropriate.

Many people lose their balance between adverse conditions and they remain unaccustomed Seem to be once the pain is not overcome or if there is no success, they sit down frustrated. Many people go beyond this, and sitting-in-future doubts about the misery coming in the future. It is not that the solution to inconvenience or adversity presented is to develop or think of measures. On contrary, they make their conflicts like anxiety, fear, frustration, fear and anxiety and trap themselves and create themselves in the new catastrophes. It should be understood that depression and losses of this magnificence are kept in a timely way so that the danger of trapping in this swamp can be avoided.
It is seen that most of the fears worried by the fears of them are unfounded.

 A survey done by German scientists in this context is very important. A team of psychiatrists prepared a questionnaire to investigate reasonable people in January 1979 and published it in a famous magazine with the request that the reader would answer him. About five thousand readers answered. These answers were analyzed. And according to the conclusions from them, according to them, 40 percent of the people were concerned about such problems, who had only anticipated, they did not come forward. 30 percent of the problems were such that due to which they could be solved with very slight and with little understanding. Anxiety of 12 percent of people was health-related and not the same as those which could not be cured. 10 percent of the problems were such that it seems necessary to rush-sunshine, take the help of others and take some trouble. Only 8 percent of the anxieties were such that some could be said to be heavy and could not be resolved completely, they had the possibility of causing some loss due to them.

This was then analysis of concerns. Most people are anxious for reasons that are not actually a reason. Looking at their reasons, it can be said that they have a habit of being anxious. However, there is no solution even if there is a problem with worry, in fact there is a problem. It has been observed that people living in anxiety are living in far more deficit than those who are affluent. Residents, mind-makers and mast people have to face same problem at appointed time, whereas distressed people lose mental balance in advance and lose their good health due to the hiccups. The more problems the brain passes through, the more likely it will be unable to solve the problems. The angry, the passion, the grief-stricken minds become like a neurotic.

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